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Are You Stuck In Your Business?

Many business leaders find themselves stuck, struggling to identify and fix the areas limiting their company's growth. Through our unique business services, we introduce a system to identify roadblocks, build a plan, and take action to fix the problem so the company can begin to grow again. 


3 Succinct Phases: Plan, Implement & Continuity.

Plan: Foundations

The first four steps in the process of getting unstuck will lay the foundation or plans for your success:

  1. Return to your VISION

  2. Get clear on your MISSION

  3. Identify and pursue your IDEAL CLIENT

  4. Get results using a proven STRATEGY FORMULA

Vision: The vision must be so crystal clear that these decisions can be made decisively. Every person in the organization must know and understand the vision and how the work THEY do brings them closer to making it real.

Mission: The mission describes what you want to be today and in the future. It should be personally motivating and energizing. You also want to include the problem you are solving for your client.

Ideal Client: Too many businesses target everyone as a potential client. As a result they appeal to no one. Find the person that fits your ideal client profile and focus all of your efforts to win their trust and business.

Strategy Formula: Having clear specific business strategies is the most effective means to reach an organization’s goals. Use the strategy formula to determine the exact steps to take and move the business forward

Implement: Get Moving

The next phase of getting unstuck will build on the foundation by implementing the plan.





People: One common theme of all successful companies is that they are comprised of great people. But having great people isn’t enough to guarantee success. Getting the right people working on the right projects to move forward the right strategies is critical. As your business grows your team structure needs to grow, too.

Metrics: The best leaders have a handful of metrics they use to manage their business. Far too often businesses try to track every little metric and as a result they get “mired in the minutia,” which is a fancy way to say they get stuck. Pick five to seven metrics and use them to defeat egos, excuses, and roadblocks preventing you from growing. Create a scorecard and track it consistently.



Process: Every business has their way of doing things. How do you train new hires with the way you do what you do? By documenting the processes and making sure everyone follows them. Effective use of processes ensures repeatable and efficient action. This allows the leader to focus on the activities that will scale the business. 

Problems. These pesky issues show up across all three of these pillars. Without a systematic way to prioritize and deal with them you'll stay stuck. Stephen Covey said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” The key is having a limited number of problems that can be fixed in a short amount of time. Yes, there will be complex, difficult problems to solve. However, every one of those difficult problems will need to broken down into manageable hurdles to overcome. Those make the list.

Continuity: Build Momentum

The feeling of forward progress is thrilling. So thrilling, in fact, that you can forget to keep moving forward. Clearly this is not a conscious choice. But neither was getting stuck in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to have a system in place to keep building momentum.

The team builds momentum through an established routine to keep them focused on what’s most important. Weekly meetings, accountable owners and managing to 30, 60 and 90 day objectives.

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