Have You Found Your Ideal Client?

Thank you for all for the inquiries and messages - we are excited to bring this material to you! If you need to catch up on the VISION or MISSION do it now.

No matter what you are working on, if you get stuck it sucks. For most business leaders and professionals the worst part of realizing they’re stuck is this: most of them have no plan to get unstuck and move forward. We are putting the final touches on a new coaching program, specifically designed to help anyone get moving again.


Getting clear on your vision and mission are critical to getting unstuck. Once you have those, you need clients. Too many businesses target everyone as a client. This is a recipe for bland results. Plus, if you can admit it, you DON'T want to work with everyone. So, why not attract and work with people you want to work with?

You can find the ideal customer in three steps:

Step 1: Know what you offer

Start describing your product or service in basic terms. You should certainly list the features and benefits, but don’t stop there. By the end of this step you need to know EVERYTHING your product or service offers.

Step 2: List the ways your client will get your product or service

Many businesses call these channels. List out how your client will receive value from you. This is broader than receiving the product or service you offer. It includes communication, marketing and post-sale support. It could be your website, postal service and FedEx. Each of these will have an expense. Better said: each will have an investment value and a return on the money it takes to connect with your client in each channel.

Step 3: Describe everything you can about your client as an individual person

Be exact in this exercise. Avoid ranges like 25-30 years old or earning $60,000 - $75,000 annually. Get specific. The more you can make your ideal client feel like a real person the better you will be able to understand what it’s like to be them. This will help you make the best product or service for her (or him).

Step 4: List ways they stay educated

Where does this person find out about products or services that you and your company provide? Use these communication channels to show how you can help them and make a compelling offer for them to buy.

That’s it in a nutshell.

RECAP: We have been explaining the precise steps to show you how you can get unstuck in your business and you have specific, actionable steps to take.

Some of you are thinking, “Guys, I’m stuck. All this talk of VISION and MISSION is just wasting time I could be using to DO SOMETHING!”

You are right. But weren’t you doing something before you got stuck? In fact, didn’t the doing something part before getting stuck part feel like you were moving forward?

It happens - things are moving along nicely until they aren’t. And when that happens you have to put together a plan to move forward. Otherwise, all the effort, energy and TIME you spend on activities will simply spin your wheels and give you the same results you have now. You’ll be stuck.

Worse than getting stuck is not having a clear and proven plan to get unstuck. But with a plan and hard work you can get your company growing again. Imagine how it would feel to move your business forward, reach your goals, and reduce the stress that comes from constant focus on the urgent.

We have been working on just that: a plan to get your business unstuck. In the next post we will share the details on 'how to develop your own customized step-by-step plan' to move forward. We won’t be able to keep it available for long, so stay tuned!