How To Get Your Business Growing Again

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Question: have you ever found yourself stuck somewhere?

I (Aaron) clearly remember the first time - in fact, the ONLY time - I got my car stuck in a ditch. I was 20 driving a behemoth of a car the same age.

It was snowing hard, which kept me from driving too fast. We were cruising along at a steady 25 mph when I hit a patch of ice. I instinctively jerked the wheel and focused on the ditch that now was squarely in front of me. Without a chance to regain control of the car, we had slid right off the road.

Business leaders and professionals can find themselves in a similar situation; everything is moving along steadily until they hit a patch of ice, lose traction, and everything seems to go sideways. Without warning you’re in the professional ditch, stuck. If you don’t take action quickly you can be there for months or even years.

How do you get back on track?

There are 4 steps:

  1. Return to your VISION

  2. Get clear on your MISSION

  3. Identify and pursue your IDEAL CLIENT

  4. Get results using a proven STRATEGY FORMULA

Today we are going to talk about VISION. When drivers are learning to compete in NASCAR or Indy racing, one of the cardinal rules when the car starts to drift is to keep your eyes where you want the car to go, not where the car is going. To avoid hitting the wall the drivers have to focus on where they WANT to go, not where they want to avoid going. (Had I known this during that snowstorm perhaps I would have avoided the ditch!)

The same is true for a business that's going sideways. Return to your vision to avoid the ditch.

The vision must be so crystal clear that these decisions can be made decisively. Every person in the organization must know and understand the vision and how the work THEY do brings them closer to making it real.

Is everyone in the organization making the vision become reality?

Every initiative, every resource, every effort must be intentionally allocated to moving the business closer to realizing the vision. Good opportunities - GREAT opportunities - may become available, but if they do not bring you closer to your vision you must pass.

This feels uncomfortable. Why would any business consciously make a decision NOT to service potential customer? The simple answer is because not every customer or business opportunity brings you closer to making your vision a reality.

Consider world class athletes. Sprinters don’t train for marathons. In fact, short distance sprinters who compete in the 100 meter race won’t run more than 400 meters at a time because the physical attributes for the 800 are different than the 100.

This principle is true for your business. Do only what supports the vision.

Let’s say you do get a clear vision for where you want to go. What’s going to keep you moving forward to make that vision a reality? It requires the next step in the process: MISSION.

In the next post we will show you how to put together a mission. You will discover the potent power of combining a clear vision with a compelling mission. You won’t want to miss it!

Question: What’s missing from your vision? Click the comment button below and let us know. We'd love to help you get started on building a clear vision for your business today.


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