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There is a lot of buzz about mentors, mentorship and mastermind groups. For good reason: personal growth and accomplishment accelerate exponentially when someone is surrounded by other like-minded, accomplished people.

Mentorship made easy. Business blogging in Minenapolis

The concept of a mastermind group and mentoring is not new. In 1727 Benjamin Franklin formed his own mastermind group. In his autobiography he credits many successes to this group who gathered regularly to debate topics of the day and learn from each other. Amazingly, Franklin was only 21 when he formed his mastermind group. He was systematically inviting mentors into his life that would ultimately shape him into one of the world’s most dynamic leaders and diplomats.

Finding a successful person as a mentor can be an intimidating task. However, it doesn’t need to be. Today we have the technology that grants access to more leaders than ever before. In 1727 the most advanced technology was the printing press. Today we have every imaginable communication tool. Using these tools will grant you access to mentors like never before.

Here are 9 ways to connect with almost any leader and have them be your mentor. The best thing is this: you can get significant value without spending a dime.

Blog – free

Any active thought leader or coach blogs regularly to establish a healthy community and keep a sharp edge to their communication. Read everything you can find relating to your interests on their blog.

Newsletters – free or nominal subscription

Similar to a blog the newsletter is a great way to connect with someone you respect. The newsletter is more valuable for the leader. When they send out emails the content is usually more specific and thorough than what’s available on the blog.

Podcasts – free

In the last 3 years podcasting has become a powerful communication tool. Unlike radio hosts, podcasters can determine format, time, content and production quality on their own. If the sound quality is good enough not to be distracting they can create anything and the content alone will determine if people tune in. This is a major incentive to put out useful and compelling content.

Books – free through library system or reasonable purchase price

A bit old fashion but certainly not out of style, books are extremely valuable in reaching your mentor. Writing a book is a tedious discipline. Writers know the final product must stand alone in a sea of other books. They put their best effort in those words and the reader gets the payout. With many books available in audio format there are few excuses not to engage in a good book.

Webinars – free with a sales pitch

Webinars are a useful tool for both the mentor and the mentee. The mentor will provide some of their best ideas, systems and tactics and the mentee gets to experience what it’s like to spend an hour with the leader. Prepare to hear a compelling sales pitch at the end, but don’t let that deter you from attending. It might be a great value and the right timing for you to buy.

Recorded Seminars – low price point

If someone puts forth the effort to host a seminar they will almost always record the content. The recordings will become available for download, streaming or DVD sales in the future. The price to view the seminar is a fraction of the price of admission to the same event. This is a great way to determine if attending a future live event is worth investing in.

Live seminar – moderate price point

Once you get to know mentors through a free or inexpensive channel you may want to increase the investment in a mentor relationships. Attending a live seminar will magnify the effect of the content because of the live interaction with the speaker and others in the room. The relationships formed with other attendees is usually more valuable than learning the material from the presenters.

Small Group Coaching – high price point

Some people are the best in the industry at their craft. To spend time with them in a small group is expensive but will be worth every penny. There is accountability with a small group dynamic amplified by the expense of attending. The exclusivity of the group adds another powerful element of ensuring growth.

One-on-One Coaching – highest price point

Sometimes you need someone’s undivided attention. When that’s the case you will gladly pay whatever it costs to get that attention. Why? Because you know every dollar you spend will be returned tenfold. Maybe more. This level of interaction is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to be challenged, stretched and encounter massive change. These mentors are highly sought after because they care deeply about seeing their clients succeed. If you’re unwilling to do what they suggest expect them to cut off the interaction. They have no reason to continue the relationship no matter how much the price tag because they are in such high demand or the money isn’t what they’re pursuing. They want to help people.

It’s easier today than ever before to find a mentor. No longer does it have to be a formal one-on-one relationship. Figure out what part of your life or business you need to improve and find an expert who had done it. Tune in, sign up and take their advice. Most of their best content is free.

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